Here's a list of good sexual health, meditation and mental health resources.

They're mostly UK-based as most of these have been helpful to me in the past. I've written brief descriptions, but most of these resources hold so much more than what I can describe in a couple of words.

I hope you find something that resonates with you and helps you grow 

General emotional support

Helpful text support service

Thorough info & helpline

24/7 confidential support

Sexual health information & support

For under 25s but thorough

info suitable for everyone

UK sexual health clinic database


Free guided meditation audio

Great intro to present moment awareness

Free silent meditation retreats 

Good for beginners

Information & support on abusive relationships

For anyone

LGBT+ centred

For men

For women

LGBT+ centred

Other amazing things

Amazing trauma releasing exercises


the fertility bible

Vital sexuality information

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